Hydrema MX16G

Amongst the most compact wheeled excavator in its class, with a swing circle of 3.44m, makes it the ideal product for working in areas with limited space. Having the highest powered engine in its class, it allows for a high breakout force, high tractive effort, powerful lifting and digging capabilities. Leading hydraulic pump, flow and pressure capacities allow for running high demand attachments. The large cab provides an excellent basis for a good working environment, combining high visibility with superior comfort.


Engine Four cylinder 4.5L capacity turbocharged
Max Power 129 Kw (175Hp)
Operating weight 17,100 kg
Speed max (Travel/Work/Creep) 37/9/4 Km/h
Breakout force 106 kN
Arm length 2,500 mm
Digging depth 5,410 mm
Max reach 9,320 mm
Bucket capacity 0.9 m3
Tail swing radius 1,792 mm
Turn radius 6,700 mm
Overall width across blade 2,550 mm
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