Hydrema 922G 4×4 Articulated Water Cart

This compact machine features an ADT WA custom designed and manufactured tank to match the advantages of the machine’s unique characteristics.  A low centre of gravity, combined with hydraulic stabilizer system that automatically transfers weight to where it’s needed, give outstanding machine stability.  Its heavy duty design and construction, enables effective day in day out use in situations where space is limited.  It also provides exceptional ground pressure and traction to operate in soft ground conditions.  Superior operator comfort is achieved by the hydro-pneumatic suspension on the front axle.  It offers an unrivalled cab in terms of visibility, ergonomics, and quietness with an excellent noise level of 72 dB(A), while the ease of operation reduces driver fatigue.

Engine Six cylinder 6.7L capacity
Max Power 231 Kw (314Hp)
Max Torque 1288 Nm
Transmission 6 speed fully automatic powershift
Speed (Fwd/Rev) 53/35 km/h
Payload Capacity 16000kg
Total Machine Weight (Empty Tank) 16095 Kg
Tyres 650/65-R25 / 775/65-R29
Ground Pressure (Loaded) 174 kPa
Tank Volume 16000 L
Braking and retarder systems Hydraulic enclosed oil-cooled multiple discs on all wheels, with automatic engine exhaust (Not using service brakes).
Width over tyres 3039mm
Height 3676mm
Ground Clearance 480mm
Wheelbase 4046mm
Total Length 7613mm
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