Hydrema 908G

This machine has superior digging reach and power with a high load lifting capacity.  At the front is a loader with 1.4m3 capacity; at the rear a powerful and precise excavator, that has the advantage of relocating the machine without the operator having to change positions.  The articulated pivot steer chassis, including 11° of frame oscillation and hydraulic stabilizers, automatically transfer weight to the wheels that are in contact with the ground, makes this machine incredibly stable.  It offers an unrivalled cab in terms of ergonomics, comfort and quietness, with an astonishing noise level of 66 dB(A), making it the best operating environment on the market.


Engine Four cylinder 4.5L capacity turbocharged
Max Power 90 Kw (122Hp)
Operating weight 9,100 kg
Transmission 6 speed fully automatic powershift
Speed (Fwd/Rev) 33/26 Km/h
Tyres 500/70-28 Radial
Digging depth (with/without extended arm) 6,600/5,390 mm
Backhoe bucket Breakout force 58.7 kN
Backhoe bucket loading height (with/without extended arm) 4,290/5,170 mm
Loader Bucket capacity 1.4 m3
Max loader bucket hinge height 3,710 mm
Overall width 2,550 mm
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